Smooth Fitness is one of the most popular and successful treadmill and elliptical trainer manufacturers in the US.  Smooth Fitness was established in the year 1984 as a bricks and mortar fitness store and then made its move to online sales in 1996. Today, they are one of many fitness equipment manufacturers who primarily sells their products on-line (90% of total sales are online). They offer products at a much lower price by removing the overhead of retail operations.
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Smooth Fitness Review:

Smooth Fitness company’s product lines include treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, and home gym products. They focus on customer service as purchases of their products are primarily online. Smooth Fitness offers a 30-day money-back guarantee (60-day on the DMT) to their customers and all treadmills and elliptical trainers have a 1-year in-home repair warranty. They also provide an extensive nationwide network of certified technicians and also encourage their customers to mail questions to their support group personnel.

Smooth treadmills are recommended for their durability, reasonable price and extra features and the advantages are discussed below:

• Convenience: Treadmills bought directly from Smooth Fitness are delivered quickly from one of three warehouses in North American warehouses.

• Price: The price range of treadmills when purchased directly from the manufacturer ranges from about $1000 to $3000. Smooth Fitness website also offers monthly payment plans.

• Motors: Except Smooth 5.65 Treadmill, all other Smooth’s current treadmill includes quiet but very powerful 3.0 HP motors. The 5.65 has a 2.5 HP motor, which is sufficient for most joggers and walkers. Smooth fitness treadmills can handle users weighing up to 400 pounds.

• Track sizes: To suit the need of every sort of exerciser, the company offers treadmill tracks and the track areas on the current treadmills ranges from 20”x55” to 20”x62”.

• Track cushioning: The Smooth 9.45 Treadmill has a Hydra Suspension System that can adjust to 12 different levels for maximum shock absorption.

• Compact size: Many Smooth treadmill models can be folded to save space. Also, the 7.6 HR PRO model includes an Easy-Up power folding technology.

• Stability: The Smooth treadmills are reported to be very stable by the customers.

• Audio: Recent Smooth treadmills models have MP3 players and also powerful sound systems.

• Television: The Smooth 9.45 and the Smooth 9.65 models are equipped with a15” LCD TV and offers the best video entertainment to its users.

• Warranty: Smooth brand treadmill includes a lifetime warranty on the parts and frame and a plus 2 years of in-home service.


The only drawback found in Smooth treadmills is that some people prefer treadmills with iFit card reader. Each iFit card includes the voice of a personal trainer and also eight weeks of guided exercise.

Smooth Fitness Elliptical Reviews:

Smooth Fitness elliptical machines are made of solid construction materials, latest technology and sound design principles. Smooth Fitness machines offer a vast array of features and options which includes infrared hand sensors, built-in iPod docks and LCD and LED displays. Smooth Fitness produces elliptical machines of high quality at a reasonable cost. It also provides industry leading warranty, making it worthy of consideration for any fitness equipment buyer.


• Technology: Smooth Fitness elliptical machine models include an iPod docking station which is situated on the center console. The “Dynamic Motion” system in the elliptical machines are designed to combine various motion levels and a number of intensity levels to provide individuals with a workout that uses several muscle groups to be engaged throughout the workout routine.

The braking systems as well as the resistance system are both electromagnetic which gives fewer moving parts and thus reduced overall wear and tear. Lower-end elliptical trainers include a multi-color LCD display while the top end models contains a LED dot matrix display system, along with an infrared hand sensors for adjusting workouts.

• Features: All Smooth Fitness elliptical machines contain the “Dynamic Motion” workout program system. The cheapest CE 3.7 model allows for 3 motion levels and 16 intensity levels that can provide varying movements throughout the workout. The reason is to provide an overall workout by forcing various muscle groups to participate in the workout.

The top end Agile model features 12 motion levels and 20 intensity levels. It also comes with iPod docking station, water bottle holder and cooling fan and also several other features. Individuals also receive an infrared thumb touch control system located on the handlebars which allows them to adjust the workout.

The CE 3.7 model uses standard ergonomic foot pedals, and the Agile model is equipped with articulating shock pedals to reduce joint impact. But all models include a heart rate control chest strap and also transportation wheels for ease in mobility.

• Quality: Quality at a reasonable price is the prime focus on all products manufactured by Smooth Fitness. The weight of all elliptical machine ranges from 200 to 400 pounds, depending on the model. All Smooth Fitness elliptical machines uses Eddy current breaking system, frames and heavy duty flywheels that are composed of heavy gauge oval steel.

• Customer support: All customer support and service is handled directly by the company through email, fax and telephone.

• Warranty: Smooth Fitness elliptical machines include a lifetime warranty on the braking system and frame. All lower-end models include an additional 3-year warranty on electronics and parts, as well as a 2-year in-home labor warranty. The high-end models include an additional 2-year warranty on electronics and parts and thereby increasing the warranty period to a total of 5 years.

• Parts and service: All service requests that are covered by the warranty are performed by third-party service technicians contracted by the company.

• Cost: The Smooth Fitness elliptical machine models cost ranges from approximately $ 1,099 to $ 2,500.

Home Gym Product Reviews:

Smooth Fitness is one of the largest online shops for home gym fitness equipment in the United States. The new line of home gym equipment manufactured by Smooth Fitness can be expected to be well designed and well received.

A New Line of Home Gyms- Smooth Fitness launches three new home gym machines which include:

• The S490 Force Elite: A $999 single station multi-gym equipment. It is a 200-lb rubberized stack system and definitely going to make people look for it. This model works well for beginners, older adults, and others that are out of shape or just want to
have a compact gym without having to shop for free racks and weights.

• The model S2490: A 2-station multi-gym that will be sold for around $1,499. It offers a wide variety of exercises that works on the chest, abs, back, trunk, shoulders, arms and legs.

• The model S3490: A 3-station multi-gym system that will be sold for $1,999. This includes a two rubberized weight stacks and three independent stations: multi-position press legs and arms, a Vertical Knee Raise and Dip station.


Smooth fitness treadmills, elliptical trainers and home gym products are highly recommended as the company pays more attention to the basics and also additional features. Their product line includes products of variety of prices and features to satisfy every user. The company also offers best warranty packages for their products..