How Much Does Medifast Cost?

Medifast diet plans are designed by a physician and are developed to help patients lose weight. This diet plan is considered very safe as well as effective, as it is clinically proven to work better. The weight loss plans of Medifast are personalized for men, women as well as for diabetics. So exactly How Much Does Medifast Cost? Read below to find out all about the plans for Men and Women, and save on your purchase by taking advantage of their current coupons and promotions.

Medifast Meal Plans For Men:

Medifast weight loss plan for men includes
-2 week package for men, priced at $162.50 and includes 70 servings per kit
-4 week package for men priced at $315 and includes 143 servings per kit.
-4 week enhanced package for men, priced at $341 and includes 143 servings per kit.


All these Medifast meal plans include Medifast 5 and 1 plan, which consist of 5 portion controlled meals and 1 lean and green meal every day. But the enhanced package for men contains Medifast essential 1, in addition to the Medifast 5 & 1 plan. Essential 1 is a package offer that includes heart health and nutritional supplements that adds a boost to your weight loss program.  The Medifast meals for men are nutrient rich and vitamin fortified which helps men to lose weight without losing essential nutrients.
All these meal plans can be customized to create their own favorites. With these plans men can lose weight and improve their overall health significantly.

Medifast Meal Plans For Women:

Medifast meal plans for women are designed to meet their special nutritive requirements. The meal plan for women includes
-2 week package for women, priced at $162.50 and includes 70 servings per kit
-4 week package for women priced at $315 and includes 143 servings per kit.
-4 week enhanced package for women, priced at $341 and includes 143 servings per kit.

The Medifast diet plans for women also consist of Medifast 5 and I plan and the enhanced package includes heart health and nutritional supplements. All diet meals can be customized to their own favorites.

About Medifast Meals:
The Medifast meals consist of different types of food items like shakes, pudding, pan cakes, medifast bars, eggs, soft serves, soy crisps, soups, stew, fruit drinks, hot beverages and many more.

The lean and green meal is a special self-prepared meal, which includes plenty of protein and three servings of vegetables.

ALL Medifast shakes are ready to drink and taste wonderful. They are available in 6 flavors; French vanilla, Dutch chocolate, banana crème, strawberry crème, orange crème, and swiss mocha.

Medifast 55 shakes is usually recommended for women as it contains 90 calories and 11 gram of protein. Medifast 70 shakes are recommended for both men and women that are active and prefer a higher protein count as it contains 100 calories and 14 grams of protein.

Medifast puddings taste great and come in variety of flavors which includes vanilla, chocolate, banana, and so on. They are considered smooth, creamy and delicious to taste. All Medifast puddings come fat and cholesterol free, and packed with plenty of fortified nutrients to give the extra boost of energy needed for weight loss.

Medifast pancakes comes 7 packets in a box and are easy to prepare. The pancakes are very tasty and come in different flavors.

Medifast Cost:
Medifast is a diet plan program that delivers products and services to ones doorstep. So one may ask how much does Medifast cost. Medifast is not an expensive diet meal program. It offers meal plans at a very low price if $12 per day, if the user chooses 2 week package and $11 per day, if they choose 4 week program.

In addition, Medifast provides free shipping to its customers when they join Medifast advantage program and with a minimum of $250 purchase. Medifast advantage program is similar to other Medifast programs, but the only difference is that the products will be auto shipped to their home every four weeks. In addition, the Medifast advantage program offers 28 free meals on the first order and 28 free meals on the second order, provided , the orders should meet the minimum $250 requirements.

Medifast Coupons:
Medifast coupons are a great way to save money. Coupon codes can be tracked online which can save money on Medifast weight loss meal program. Surprising number of coupon codes is available on the internet and new coupons are released all the time.

Some of the Medifast coupons available on the internet include:

-Save $66 on a minimum $250 order when the user enrolls in Medifast advantage Program.
-Free shipping charges when the user enrolls in Medifast advantage program.

Medifast weight loss meal plans are one of the great ways of losing weight. People who usually stick to this weight loss program tend to lose two to ten pounds per week. Medifast weight loss programs are very flexible and works fantastic as long as one sticks to it.