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Get $199 OFF the TreadClimber TC5!
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Bowflex® TreadClimber® TC5 Video

TC5 TreadClimber Review:

This TreadClimber is backed by manufacturer’s warranty which comprehensively covers the total equipment if purchased through the official Bowflex website.  The state of the art equipment has amazing features to give you result in 6 weeks. Just set the workout plan you desire and get ready to begin shedding pounds.

Features of the awesome equipment are:

1.) Even though it is not designed for you to run on, it will help you burn calories with its inclined walking at much higher speed. This will help with your overall workout where you will see result of overall weight loss and toning at the same time.

2.) It comes with a heart rate monitor with chess strap that is wireless. The heart rate monitor helps you stick within your target weight loss zone with maximum fat burning. Its wireless chest strap allows you to get very accurate heart rate result, which is tracked on the unit’s console.

3.) It has a quick start feature which allows you to commence your workout immediately by simply touching a button. It has memory which will remember the last setting you had put in the machine.

4.) Climb indicator: It allows you to track how far you have climbed with each 100 feet of elevation. This is a feature that only comes with this brand of machine.

5.) It offers such features as a cup holder, section for magazine and or books. This is very convenient if you need to drink water during your workout.

6.) The console is easy to see with its LED light so you can check your reading in any lighting.

7.) Manufacturer’s warranty: Motor – five years; parts – three years; electronics – three years; hydraulics – two years

8.) Measures 46 inches long by 30 inches wide by 55.25 inches tall and weigh 185 pounds

9.) Helps reduce your workout time because of its efficient low-impact workout and its twelve intensity setting which makes it easy to tailor your workout to suit your schedule.

10.) Motor is quite, and will give you years of workout without burning out. It allows you to exercise while watching TV without the noise of a treadmill in your ears.

11.) Its compact design allows it to fit easily in any room in your house.

12.) It does not have to be plugged in with its non-electric design.

13.) Comes with the Bowflex weight loss plan to get you eating healthy

14.) Can be used by anyone weighing up to 300 pounds/136 kilograms.

15.) It comes with electronic functions of 8 speed, total steps, calories per minute, heart rate monitor, climb indicator.

The TC5 is the ultimate home fitness workout equipment that offers a wide range of features to help you lose weight and keep in shape while toning muscles giving you a leaner physique. If you incorporate a healthy eating habit while implementing a regular workout routine on this TreadClimber you will look and feel great in a matter of weeks. It is ideally suited for the beginner or the more advanced athlete and can be purchased for around $999 which is a great price for all the great features it comes with.

4 Electronic Functions – Speed, Distance, Time, and Calories
LCD display screen for workout tracking
4.5 mph max readout speed
Most compact and convenient TreadClimber® design that fits easily in any home
Quiet, motorless operation
Covered by the Bowflex® Worry-Free warranty – 1 year coverage for entire machine
Backed by a Bowflex® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee†
Some assembly required
Includes the Bowflex® Body Weight Loss Plan
Performance Features Speed Range 0 – 4.5 mph (0 – 7.2 kph)


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