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Welcome to Diet Plans to Lose Weight!  Are you looking for that right diet or meal plan in 2014 that will finally get you to reach your ultimate goal of LOSING WEIGHT?  With hundreds, even thousands of diet plans and diet meal plans on the market today it is difficult to determine exactly which to choose from or even how to go about figuring how to make a selection.

Have no fears, that is why we have created this site for you!  Our staff has hand selected the diet plans they have deemed to be the industry leaders in the diet/weight loss category in 2013.  Below we have compiled our top diet/weight loss programs and have given a short review as to why we feel they are the right choice for you!

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1.Medifast – Read our in-depth review and get Medifast Coupons

Why We Recommend Medifast –

With a huge emphasis being placed on healthy living, and dietary changes, Medifast is one of the most popular and effective weight loss meal replacement plans that are available on the market. Medifast focuses on a 2 week or 4 week plan that has meals that are low in fat and also low in the glycemic index. Members are able to choose and select the plans that are most suited to their lifestyle and dietary restrictions. Plans are designed for men, women, diabetics, and those with gout.

The Medifast plan involves members eating 6 meals a day every two to three hours. 5 meals are prepared by Medifast, and the last one is a self-prepared meal of lean meats and vegetables. Medifast is designed to be able to help members lose anywhere from 2 – 5 pounds each week, and was specially designed by a physician, and has been recommended by over 20 000 doctors since 1980.


Cost: Medifast is considered as one of the cheapest plans on the market, and will cost roughly only $11 a day – by far one of the cheapest plans available.

Customizations and Preferences: Members of Medifast are able to choose specially designed plans that are suitable for their diets. For example, there are plans that are designed specifically for men, women, diabetics and those with gout. Medifast offers a huge menu filled with different delicious meals for members to choose from.

Effectiveness: The program has been known to be extremely effective, and numerous members have been able to lose anywhere from 2 – 5 pounds in a week. This is a safe manner of losing weight, and a great way for many to learn how to eat healthier.

Efficient: The meals bought from Medifast can be quickly and easily prepared. The meals can be eaten right out of the box, and numerous meals can be heated up and easily cooked before consumption.

Convenience: There is no guess work involved in the amount of nutrients that one is consuming. All meals are designd to have sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals, and members are able to choose without having to calculate any of the nutrient values themselves.

Maintenance Plan: Medifast does not leave members to fend for themselves after their plan has finished. In fact, they have a maintenance plan that will slowly transition members out of the program by educating them on how to eat healthily. They also provide different steps and procedures to follow.


Digestive Issues: Due to the transition in variety of meals and type of foods consumed, some members have reported having some type of digestive issue when on Medifast; however, these digestive issues will quickly resolve themselves within a week.


Medifast is considered as one of the more effective and beneficial plans on the market, and has been known to be able to provide amazing results in a short period of time. Not only is Medifast able to provide numerous different types of meals for members, but they are able to help members lose weight at a safe pace and in a healthy manner making them one of the more recommended meal replacement programs on the market. The meal program is also easy to follow, and definitely worth trying!

2.  Bistro MD – Read our in-depth review and get Bistro MD Coupons

Why We Recommend Bistro MD –

Losing weight doesn’t mean that the quality of the meals have to suffer. Bistro MD is considered as one of the more delicious weight loss plans that are available on the market as gourmet meals that have been pre-approved by physicians are delivered to the door of members. Members are able to choose from 4 different types of plans, and the different meal packages are easy to prepare.


Different Options and Packages: There are different levels of meal replacement plans available for members, and members are able to choose from different meals that will be able to best suit their needs and their weight loss goals. For example, members can choose from a 5-day meal plan, a 7-day meal plan, a 5-day meal plan with 2 snacks a day, and a 7-day meal plan with 2 snacks a day.

Well Packaged Foods: Each meal is packaged in an extremely well manner. In fact, most meals should arrive still frozen. Meals are vacuum-sealed in order to preserve their freshness. The packaging of the meals should also provide extremely detailed nutrition information.

Taste: Among all of the meals that are on the market, Bistro MD has been known as one of the best tasting meal plans that are available as all meals are considered as gourmet meals. Most members on Bistro MD won’t even realize that they have switched to a diet plan.

Variety: This meal plan offers numerous different dishes, and members will not have any repeated meals for 6 weeks.

Efficiency: The meals are extremely easy to prepare, and most will be able to be microwaved or placed in a hot bath and prepared within minutes. It is recommended for members to thaw the meals before microwaving them or placing them in a hot bath.


No Maintenance Plan: After stopping the program, some members have found maintaining the weight loss to be a bit difficult due to the fact that Bistro MD does not provide a maintenance plan. Members are not provided with any instructions on how to transition out of the program.

Less Variety and Room for Change: Bistro MD is considered as one of the stricter diet plans that are available on the market, and members are generally unable to deviate far from the plan. There are dietary restrictions that members are expected to follow. This can be a bit troublesome for some.


While Bistro MD is a strict diet plan, they provide delicious, gourmet meals that will be able to satisfy any palette. They are able to provide amazingly effective results, and the huge variation in different meals offered will be able to keep many members from becoming bored with the meals that are prepared and shipped to their home. This meal replacement plan is extremely convenient as all meals are can be prepared within minutes, and arrive pre-cooked. It is important for members to educate themselves on proper meal proportions and also how to eat healthy after quitting the program as there are currently no maintenance plans associated with Bistro MD yet.

3. Weight Watchers – Read our in-depth review and get Weight Watchers Coupons

Weight Watchers(R)

Why We Recommend Weight Watchers –
Weight Watchers works because it’s not a diet. You’ll learn how to eat right and live healthy. You can choose between two convenient options to learn how to lose weight and keep it off: Weight Watchers Meetings and Weight Watchers Online.

At meetings, you’ll find out all the latest information on eating right and living healthy, plus you’ll get the guidance you need to succeed and stay on track. With Weight Watchers Monthly Pass, you get unlimited weekly meetings in participating areas, plus access to all the interactive tools that help you stay on track when you’re on your own.

Weight Watchers Online is a customized online weight loss plan that you follow step-by step completely online – manage your results at your own pace, on your own time.


Support: One of the most unique feature of Weight Watchers is that they are able to provide meetings members with a platform to attain support from other like-minded individuals.  This plan involves meetings set up to help motivate and encourage members to attend.  Meetings members can share stories, and discuss the hardships of losing weight or different ideas that they have.

Sensible Approach: Weight Watchers takes weight loss at a sensible approach, and it meetings members are able to lose weight at a steady rate and in a safe manner by learning how to make healthy diet choices, and incorporating more exercise into their daily activities.

No Restrictions: You are able to enjoy any type of diet that they want without having any dietary restrictions. The program allows for you to still enjoy the burger you love with the exception of having to measure controlled portions that they will consume.

Education: You are educated on the types of foods that are healthy, and are also educated on different ways to stay fit, and healthy. There are numerous different lessons and sessions that focus on different aspects of weight loss and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Long-Lasting Effect: This program is a plan that guides you toward nutritious eating choices, and helps you lose and maintain a healthy weight. While there is no guarantee for continued weight loss once ending the program, most meetings members can still keep the weight off by maintaining a healthy diet and proper exercise.  A healthy body results from a healthy lifestyle – which means mental, emotional and physical health. Weight Watchers provides information, knowledge, tools and motivation to help you make the decisions that are right for you about nutrition and exercise. The plan helps you to make healthy eating decisions, and you are encouraged to enjoy yourself by becoming more active.  Follow these steps and you will be on the right track to successful weight loss!


Cost – Cost usually seems to be a factor when selecting a weight loss program.  Whether you think its too much or just right, there is a registration fee to join and a weekly meeting fee that varies by location.  You can also purchase a monthly pass which is usually around $42.95 (which can vary by location and is only available in participating areas), and this will include weekly meetings and the online program.


There are more advantages than disadvantages to Weight Watchers, and it is the perfect program for those who are looking for additional support in their journey to weight loss. Meetings members are able to motivate one another, and share their ideas and progress. Weight Watchers is perfect in the sense that it is able to educate you while allowing you to still enjoy all of your favorite meals. They provide numerous different types of tools for those who are interested in learning how to keep the weight off long after quitting the program.

4.  Diet-To-Go – Read our in-depth review and get Diet-To Go Coupons

Free Shipping

Why We Recommend Diet-To-Go –
Meal replacement plans can be easy to attain, and with Diet To Go, consumers can easily purchase the meal replacement plans necessary for their diet, and have the meals either delivered to their home or pick up the meals themselves at a local pickup station. Diet To Go offers three different plan choices: the low-fat traditional meal plan, the low-fat vegetarian meal plan, and the low-carb meal plan. Members are able to choose between daily meal plans of 1200 or 1600 calories, and 5-day meal plan or a 7-day meal plan. Members are able to choose plans that include breakfast, lunch and dinner or just lunch and dinner.

Numerous people on diets are worried about the type of ingredients that are in their meal plans. Diet To Go only uses non-genetically modified ingredients which may be considered as an advantage to some.


Easy substitutions and replacements: Members are able to easily substitute and replace any meals that they are not satisfied or happy with. This can be due to preference or allergies. Diet To Go will happily cater to different dietary preferences without charging a fee.

Choices: Diet To Go has been known to be suitable for vegetarians, and also diabetics as well. It’s diverse nature will allow many to enjoy different types of cuisines and meals.

Healthy Diet: All diets are well-prepared with nutrition in mind. Members do not have to do any calculations in regards to nutrition value as all nutrition has been already pre-approved by a physician. In addition, Diet To Go does not used any genetically modified ingredients in their meal plans which is a preference for some.

Convenience: There is no cooking required for this meal replacement plan as all meals are already cooked and prepared for members. The ingredients are fresh, and meals can be consumed on the spot.

Fresh Ingredients: The ingredients used in the meal plans are fresh, and many members who are able to pick up their food will be able to enjoy fresh meals that were prepared just moments ago by a chef.

No Commitment: There are no commitments required for Diet To Go as members do not need to pay a membership fee. Instead, those who wish to enjoy these replacement meal plans will only need to place their orders online or over the phone. Placing orders can be done in a simple and efficient manner.


Local Pickup Not Available In All Areas: While some members may be interested in picking up their fresh meals from a pickup area, the company is not able to offer this option for all members. There are only a limited amount of centers that are available, and others will have to opt for the national mail instead.

This meal plan is able to provide fresh meals for those who are looking to go on a diet. Unlike other meal replacement plans, there are limited amounts of microwaveable foods as most meals are prepared fresh. The company uses fresh ingredients, and those who are near a local pickup center will be able to easily attain amazing meals without having to pay for shipping. All ingredients used are non-genetically modified.

5. Nutrisystem – Read our in-depth review and get Nutrisystem Discount Codes

Why We Recommend Nutrisystem –
Nutrisystem is a meal replacement plan that provides members with 28 days of food, and members are able to select and choose the meals and dishes that they like. There are numerous different dishes available, and members are able to modify their diet plans online. Nutrisystem is based on 40 years of science, and uses the nutritional guidelines as established by national health organizations that are around. They are able to provide balanced and healthy meals as well as educate members on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, they are able to provide online tracking tools and an online community for those looking for additional information, those looking to share ideas, and for those seeking motivation and some extra encouragement.

They offer a maintenance and transition plan that will help members continue their weight loss after leaving the program, and their diets focus on provide meals that are low in glycemic content, and are rich in proteins. Nutrisystem also recommends members to incorporate physical exercise into their schedule. They have numerous different types of exercises available.


Online Support: The online planner will help track the calories consumed and the type of exercises that were completed by each member. The interactive tools and trackers are able to provide a unique form of support.

Education: Nutrisystem focuses on being able to educate members on how to eat healthy, and how to incorporate different habits into their schedule that will be able to help them enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Convenience of Meals: Meals are packaged, and shipped to one’s home. Members do not need to calculate the nutritional value of each meal, and each meal is rich in protein but low in glycemic content as well.

Activity and Exercise: Nutrisystem recommends for members to incorporate physical exercise into their daily schedule. They are able to provide a selection of different 10 minute exercises, and members are encouraged to perform 3 of the exercises per day in order to lose weight, and stay fit. Maintenance and Transition Plan: Losing weight and maintaining one’s weight after the program can be rather difficult which is why Nutrisystem has developed a maintenance and transition package that will be able to provide members with information regarding different methods available for them to stay fit and healthy. There are numerous different information packages regarding different procedures in transitioning out of the plan, and also different steps to follow in order to be able to maintain their weight.


Monthly Meal Delivery: While Nutrisystem is able to provide delicious meals that are already prepared to members, they do so on a monthly basis. This means that the meals are not as fresh as they could be as there are some meal replacement plans on the market that are able to provide delivery on a weekly basis.


Nutrisystem is a great system that will be able to motivate and encourage members to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner. Not only do they target healthy eating, but they also help many incorporate different types of physical exercises into their schedules, and they are able to help members lose weight and stay fit long after leaving the program.

6. eDiets –  Read our in-depth review and get eDiets Coupons

Why We Recommend eDiets –
With 15 years of experience in meal replacement plans for weight loss purposes, eDiets is considered as one of the more reputable companies on the market. They are able to provide meal replacement plans that are able to help members lose weight safely and efficiently, and each meal has a balanced mixture of different types of nutrients and vitamins and minerals. They meet the guidelines that are established by the American Heart Association, and they deliver deliciously prepared meals to doorsteps. Members are expected to consume 4 meals a day, and the company even provides online support for those looking for additional motivation and encouragement in their struggle for weight loss.
The eDiets plan will allow for members to enjoy a 5-day meal plan with days where they are allowed to stray from their diet, and enjoy their favorite meals and foods.


Convenience: eDiets meals are able to provide an extreme amount of convenience for members as members are able to enjoy pre-cooked meals that are delivered to their door. Each meal plan has already been pre-approved by a physician, and nutritionists have already calculated the nutritional value of each meal plan. All meals have sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals in them.

Cost: This meal replacement plan is considered as one of the cheaper plans on the market in terms of freshly prepared diet plans that are available.

Online Support: Attaining support is easy with the support system that has been set up online. Members are able to easily contact other like-minded individuals who are on the same plan, and motivate one another by sharing ideas and discussing grievances.

Flexibility: Unlike other rigid meal replacement plans on the market, this plan allows for members to enjoy some flexibility in their diet. While members are expected to follow a meal plan for 5 days, they are also allowed to have a day where they are able to enjoy their favorite foods and snacks while still being able to lose weight.

Taste: Most members on the eDiets plan have raved about the taste of the food. While there are some misses on some meals, most members would generally agree that the meals are extremely delicious and prepared fresh which enhances their taste and flavor.


Lack of Vegetables: While the meal replacement plan has been known to be effective and able to help many attain their weight loss goals, some members have complained about the lack of vegetables that are in the meals. This can be easily compensated by adding one’s own vegetables into the diet.


The eDiets meal replacement plan is considered as one of the best due to their taste, and their flexibility. While they lack vegetables in some meals, this can be easily solved by manually adding vegetables. This diet plan is quite affordable, and their menu offers a wide variety and selection of different types of dishes and cuisines that are able to satisfy different palettes. eDiets meals are able to provide a huge convenience for those who are concerned with their nutritional intake, and is a great investment for those who are interested in losing weight.

Hopefully you have found the above information useful in your weight loss diet decision.  With so many diet plans to lose weight it can be difficult to choose the diet that is just right for you.